How to grill food by a right way and keep the taste of food?

How to grill food by a right way and keep the taste of food?

There are some tip to grill food by a right way for you.

1. Clean your grill properly

This is especially true if your grill has been in storage, as you know you need to properly clean your grill every time you use it. Those charred bits from last time's cookout aren't "flavor"—they will make taste of new food become bad. You need a great grill brush.


2. Let pre-heating your grill

You've got a hot grill, a rumbling tummy, and some uncooked food. But putting food on the grill before it's hot enough just means you're likely to burn the outside and/or undercook the inside. Grill it right, grill it once.

3. Do not use the lighter fluid to start charcoal

The lighter fluid is easy way to light the charcoal but it will cause the arcid taste for the food. You're cooking with charcoal, just use a chimney starter and do it the right way.


4. Use the using indirect heat

One of the most common mistakes people make while grilling: thinking only the open flames are actually cooking the meat.

In reality, flame-licked food can taste bad, and most things need at least some time away from the direct heat in order to cook through evenly. If you're only cooking food with direct heat you're more likely to burn it, undercook it on the inside, or just dry it out.


5. Don’t Overcook your meat

Overcooked meat can still be good, but it often lacks the depth of flavor you get with properly cooked meatm. It can be dried out, chewy, and difficult to eat


6.Not letting your meat rest

You need to let meat rest after it's been cooked. This is because the muscle fibers in meat tense up while they're being cooked.

Thottest outside fibers tense up so much they push moisture to the middle of the food. Cut the meat too early and that moisture just dribbles out onto the plate. If you let the meat rest in a warm place, the fibers relax and that moisture will be more evenly distributed in your food—rather than on your plate. Proper resting can take 10 minute or more depending on what you're cooking, so plan ahead!

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