Ways to Light Charcoal Grill the Right Way

Ways to Light Charcoal Grill the Right Way

To light a charcoal grill to get into the barbecue party, you had to spend a lot of energy and your time. First, it is not known how to put coal so that the fire can catch the fastest. Next is to keep the coal burning evenly, not to be turned off and moreover, besides, we need to ensure safety for ourselves and everyone around us. Maybe That's why so many people often skip their barbecue. Here are 3 easy methods for how to light a charcoal grill to saving time and effort to have a barbecue party with family and friends.

1. Use dry ancohol

Step 1: cut into small charcoal for easy burning

_ Step 2: Put charcoal around ancohol

Step 3: Light ancohol

                            Step 1                                                  Step 2


                         Step 3                                                       Step 4

2. gas stove method

_ Step 1: Create a pyramid of briquettes in the bottom of your grill

Step 2: Turn on gas stove about 3  minutes

gas2.jpg#asset:1051Step 2gas1.jpg#asset:1050Step 1


                                            Step 3

3. Paper, Kindling Method

It’s more labor intensive and not always reliable so Only used in case of going far away without gas or alcohol stove

Step 1 – Make a base for your fire by putting down a layer of charcoal or briquettes.

Step 2 – Wad up 2 to 4 sheets of newspaper and place them in the center.

Step 3 – Add thin, dry sticks in a criss-cross pattern over the paper. Press down to make a level surface.

Step 4 – Add some charcoal on top and light the paper.

Step 5 – Once some of the charcoal lights and starts to ash over, add more to build up your fire.