Briquettes Charcoal

Charcoal Briqeuttes

Briquettes Charcoal is made from 50% bamboo mix with 50% natural hardwood which they are carbonized, compressed and mixed with vegetable binder and briquetting. The briquette is pure natural and no nasty chemical added, your food won’t be favoured. On the contrary, with its persistent heat, your food is much more delicious! It contributes few features to the briquette that tend to be harder, low ash content, high density, no off-taste and longer burning time. Furthermore, its burning power is awesome! Its temperature is up to 800-900 degree celsius. It is ideal for BBQ grill, traditional baking and cooking.

Product Specifications:

Color                                       –           Uniformly Black

Fixed Carbon                           –           78% Minimum

Volatile matter                       –           15% Maximum

Ash                                         –           3% Maximum

Moisture                                 –           5% Maximum

Gross Calorific Value               –           6350 – 6890 Kcal/Kg

Shape                                      –           Hexagonal

Burning Time                           –           2.5-3 Hours, non smoke non smell, non sparkle

Use                                         –           BBQ, Restaurants, Industrial & Commercial use

Packing                                   –          10kg/ box or as per customer requirement

Container Load ability              –           27-28 tons per 40’feet, 14-15 tons per 20’feet



Keep in dry place, away from humidity

Do not place near the fire.