White charcoal ( Binchotan )

White Charcoal

White Charcoal Binchotan in a range of applications including in food preparation, as a smoke-free barbeque fuel. White charcoal also has many uses such as water purification, exhaust filter, deodorant, skin care, metallurgy, used in battery manufacture ...

White Charcoal is made from eucalyptus, litchi, ironwood, nacre,maitiew,...Normally, each branch 5-12 cm in diameter and about 50 cm long. Because of whitish color to the surface, this is why the name "white charcoal" was derived and you do not get dirty hands when holding on.White Charcoal is fixed in carbon content very high (> 90%), without impurities and very high hardness.If you strike it, you'll hear metal clanking sounds.

- Absolutely no smoke, no smell, no explosion (can be used in closed rooms, air conditioning,restaurant)
- Total heat: >8,000 Kcal/kg
- Total humidity: <3%
- Fixed carbon content:> 91%
- Ash content: <2.5%
- Sulfur content (S): 0.01%
- Burning time: 5-6 hours 

Production Process

The technology in making white charcoal is difficult compared to ordinary black charcoal.

  • After stacking logs into the kiln in the vertical direction, burn firewood over the hole of the kiln.The temperature in the kiln remains at or slightly from 87 to 100°C until the wood is dry.
  • Then, Increase temperature to completely eliminates the resin from the wood and the wood is totally compressed, this makes it more hard.The temperature in the kiln will increase up to max 1200°C. The breakdown of the wood structure continues, the vapours given off comprise methane…
  • Finally, scratches the charcoal in barrels to make cooling, until completely cooled down. After being cooled, the Binchotan charcoal is ready to pack.


Korean style

Size S: Length 4-6 cm, diameter 2-3.5cm

Size M: Length 4-6cm, diameter 3-5cm

Size L: Length 4-6cm, diameter 4.5-6cm

Japanese style

Size S: Length 7-10 cm, diameter 2-6cm

Size M: Length 11-19cm, diameter 2-6cm

Size L: Length 20-27cm, diameter 2-6cm

Beside,we can cut the white charcoal as customers' require.

Packing method

-As customer’s design carton box: 7kg-9.5kg-15kg, carton 03 or 05 layers. 

-Inside covered by PE bag to avoid moisture 

-Weight 10MT/20DC and 21.5MT/40HQ


Because white coal is easily to hygroscopic, it should be stored in a plastic bag and in a dry place during use.

Do not place near the fire

Do not use in the microwave.