Kiln dried Firewood logs fuels


 Our BBQ charcoal and Firewood are crafted entirely from natural materials without any additive's chemical like natural wood logs, 100% wood sawdust, sourced from sustainable forest. The wood is carefully selected from renewable sources, ensuring a consistent and eco-friendly supply chain.

Additionally, our sawdust, used in the production of BBQ charcoal, is collected from sawn timber factories, furniture processing workshops, furthering our dedication to minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability. 

Allow me to highlight the key features of our products: 

Firewood:  - Sourced from sustainable managed forests, Dried in boiler plated kiln to control moisture  - Guaranteeing a stable and renewable supply  - High heating output calorific value  - Besides natural wood logs, we also offer more options for Firewood briquettes from wood sawdust made(Biomass) very high density 900Kgs/m3 to reach higher heating value than natural wood logs