why grill with smokeless charcoal is more delicious

why grill with smokeless charcoal is more delicious

Baking is a very popular food from family gatherings to parties with friends outside or at the restaurant. However, its taste depends on the type of charcoal you use for baking. Many of us don’t know why grill by smokeless charcoal more delicious. Here are the reasons why grill with smokeless charcoal is better:

First, Grilled dishes are created by high temperatures and when the substances have high temperatures, the color of the food is changed, makes the food surface turn yellowish-brown and the interior of the food also changes the texture. For example: When grill pork the inside is whiter, drier, the flesh is visible, and becomes thicker.

Second, Because grill uses high temperatures in a dry air environment, when grill food will evaporate and create a very characteristic aroma.


Third, Grilling food with smokeless charcoal will not produce CO - a poisonous gas that affects health, causing eye irritation and discomfort. The heat of the non-smoke charcoal is very uniform, so the cooked food will not burn.

Finally, Grilling food on an electric stove or dry alcohol feels like we're eating stir-fries rather than eating grilled dishes.Also When grilling by charcoal a very small amount of ash will stick to  food and this is completely harmless, it gives you a small amount of minerals similar to when you drink mineral water.


So to have a delicious barbecue and ensure health for yourself, our family and our friend, we should use smokeless charcoal. 

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