How to eat a barbecue to ensure the safety and the right way

How to eat a barbecue to ensure the safety and the right way

Summer is the best time for a vacation to relax with friends and family, to enjoy the delicious and indispensable dishes is the grill. But do you know how to eat a barbecue to ensure the safety and the right way for the whole family?

There are 5 rules barbecue to ensure safety and the right way:

Rule 1: Always start with a clean grill and don't forget to replace the grill between consecutive grills

Always wash the grill. Food debris must be removed from the grill to reduce exposure to bacteria and to replace grill between baked times so fast and delicious new foods, also ensure food hygiene.

Rule 2: Use plates, tongs, and chopsticks separately for raw and baked food

Make sure that you don't put cooked food back on the plate used to store raw food.

The best way to use separate plates, tongs, and chopsticks: one to store raw meat, poultry and seafood on a grill and another to store cooked food when we put out of the grill

Rule 3: Don't flipping meat too much

If you turn over meat too much, the meat will lose the fat and softness. You should minimize turning meat to avoid the meat is dry, not soft so eat less deliciously!


Rule 4: grill meat until it actually cooked

The best way to grill is to cook the meat thoroughly. At that time, the spices are more deeply blended, deeply absorbed and ensure the deliciousness and safety when enjoying each piece of meat.

Rule 5: Don't be afraid to use your hand

To eat a barbecue properly, you will have to pack meat with Lettuce, vegetables, kimchi. And the best way to pack is by hand. Don't be afraid to use your hands, because that's the right way to eat and it makes your meat roll even tighter.