What to eat with barbecue?

What to eat with barbecue?

Here are some foods what to eat with barbecue you may know because When it comes to grilled goods, everyone will think of their strong aroma and typical flavor. When we eat grilled goods, we need to eat additional some kinds of vegetables together, not only to help the barbecue to be less tired but also to create a more strange feeling, stimulate the appetite.


Lettuce is one of the vegetables you can not ignore when eaten with barbecue. Normally we will grill the pieces of bacon, then put in the middle of lettuce, add garlic or herbs depending on our taste and dip in the available sauce. If you do not like lettuce, you can replace them with some other vegetables.



Asparagus is highly nutritious and healthy food. Besides, it also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals good for the body, rich in fiber, crunchy and sweet, so it will be delicious when it's baked. Compared to vegetables served with barbecue, this is the most nutritious type. So when served with barbecue will help you reconcile the amount of fat from the meat.


3. Bell Pepper
Sweet bell peppers will add flavor to your grilled food. Also when eaten with bell peppers with barbecue will help you avoid loss of appetite. In addition, bell peppers also have many different colors such as blue, red, yellow that look very eye-catching. Bell peppers served with barbecue not only help you stimulate the taste but also very good for health.


4.Purple onion
Onions have a stronger flavor than white onions, but their nutritional value is also higher. For some people, the onions may seem very difficult to eat, but if you know how to eat them, the pungent taste of onions will make the barbecue more strange and stimulate the taste buds when served.



This is a dish that many people mention when eating with barbecue because its sweet and sour taste combined with the greasy taste of meat, the aroma of vegetables and the sweetness of the sauce make a perfect dish. It makes people enjoy and remember forever.
Accompanied foods commonly used are kimchi, pickled carrots, pickled beets, young toads, pickled garlic shoots ...