Gas or charcoal for grilling, which is the best?

Gas or charcoal for grilling, which is the best?

When it comes to grill food, everyone thinks of the fragrant meat, the burning flames, the aroma of grilled meat spreads over the space, making anyone ravishing, especially near to the meal. It is popular and easy to make, of the family to luxury restaurants, the grilled dishes are also rich from the traditional to the sophisticated dishes, but the ultimate goal is to be delicious and not harmful to health. There are many ways to grill dishes such as by charcoal, wood, gas, alcohol or electricity,… In Vietnam, we usually use gas and charcoal for grilling. However, What is the most convenient way to cook and make the dish the best tast difference  between charcoal and gas?

Both of them have their pros and cons around ease of use, the initial cost of ownership, cost to operate,...

When you grill by gas, it easy to start up for a cooking session, just click, click and it's lit so gets going quickly than by charcoal. Besides, it simple to heat control by crank the gas up or down on the fly. Grill by gas are good for people who like how easy they are to start and clean up. However, the potentially higher up-front cost for grill purchase and If you don’t want to go run out in the middle of a cooking session, remember to gotta keep and store tanks of Gas. Although saving time for grilling, but the dishes will not be as delicious and taste as when grilled with charcoal.


For Charcoal, it requires more finesse to control the heat or at least some practice with learning indirect cooking methods by positioning the briquettes. Charcoal cooking is a far more social event, where people can stand around the flames and enjoy the whole journey, savoring the aroma, the feeling of comradery, and hearing the meat cooking, and smelling the meat and other foods under your tender care. It has soul, but it is slow, not as tidy, and far far more fun which you can't do on a gas grill.

For ordinary grill charcoal, people will be a bit shy because there are much smoke and ash. However with clean charcoal, or no smoke and free chemical charcoal is the product that brings that difference. Produced and selected with meticulous and thorough input materials based on advanced Japanese technology, the final product has superior advantages compared to normal charcoal. So you can enjoy the food with great taste and can ensure the health of the whole family.