Sawdust charcoal Vietnam BBQ -3 steps to light up

 Sawdust charcoal Vietnam BBQ -3 steps to light up

Sawdust Charcoal is a great means of cooking because it is very easy to customize the heating level with charcoal.Sawdust charcoal briquettes works best for barbeques because of the genuine flavor that coal gives and adds flavor to the dish, also because it is convenient economically.

To save time enjoy BBQ party, we would like to have guide you how to start burning Sawdust Charcoal safety and quickly with 3 steps.

Please click here for BBQ plan check list before grill ).

STEP 1 : Build an aluminum foil base or used metal can and pour 300ml of cooking oil into it, soak newspapers – you could also use kitchen paper towel, tissue paper or any material that soaks up cooking oil.


STEP 2 : Light up the paper anđ place briquettes around the base.


STEP 3 : Once the briquettes turns red, spread the briquettes around the grill and Let's enjoy your BBQ.