Firewood is any wooden material that is gathered and used for fuel.It is also a material to manufacture both black and white charcoal such as lychee, longan, maitiew, eucalyptus wood,... As the price for fuel and energy continue to rise many people are turning to firewood as a low cost, economical way to heat their home, cooking as well as start campfire. Our firewood is highly processed and is in some sort of recognizable log or branch form. 

Firewood include two kind: seasoned (dry firewood) and unseasoned (fresh/wet firewood). Generally, seasoned firewood is preffered to use than unseasoned firewood because the moisture content of firewood determines how it burns and how much heat is released.Unseasoned firewood may weigh 70 to 100 percent more than seasoned wood due to water content. Wheresas  seasoned wood has 20% or less moisture content.

CKT Vietnam firewood often sells for less, but produces a third less heat than seasoned wood of the same species. You pay for heat that is wasted in boiling off the excess moisture it contains. Besides offering reduced heating efficiency, burning green wood leads to fire hazards.

Here are the telltale signs that firewood is still green:

  • The wood feels heavier compared to dry wood
  • Fires are hard to start and maintain
  • Lots of smoke enters the house when opening the stove door
  • The smoke from the chimney has a bluish color
  • The burning wood hisses, and bubbles of liquid appear at the ends
  • The glass doors on your stove or fireplace require frequent cleaning of soot.


Keep in dry place, away from humidity

Do not place near the fire.